Sunday, May 16, 2010


Well! I think it is a sin to make a post with out adding pictures. However, I just moved and I'm still packed. I consider it lucky that I know where my shoes even are right now.
I was talking with Ben the other day about how the last six months has just POUNDED US. And nothing terribly bad just so much going on - one thing right after another.

Most currently about 3 - 4 weeks ago some guy ran a red light and smashed up my saturn. Sweet. Thankfully the whole car replacement process was so smooth. The guys insurance paid for my BMW green bug rental and it giving me more then the high blue book value for my "totaled" car. We quickly replaced it with a 2001 corrolla. Very nice. Ben loves it.

We also had the opportunity to move to a duplex Ben's parents own in West Valley. It's like triple the space and so lovely. It was hard work getting to be 'so lovely' - but is now so lovely. I'm still mostly packed and I'm convinced it will take 4 months to UNpack. Once I locate my camera a cord I will repent of my pictureless-post.
And! You can see the beaver tail that is nailed above my front porch - placed there by the previous tenant. Yes. A beaver tail.