Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A roof over your head.

Chickens are totally moved in. Have been for a couple of weeks and they are really doing great. They've learned to 'roost' on their own and we are looking forward to eggs in a couple of weeks.

Ben comes home from work and checks on them every day. Winny is much more okay with being held and loved then Bentio - she's too in dependent.

Get out of there Reg. This is just a picture I wanted to show - this was the last thing we needed to do - the roof. The whole coop is 9 ' by 4' (ish) and ben wanted one solid piece. How are we going to get that home? Then, we were really smart and tied it to the roof with the doors shut so we had to climb through the windows. :)
As a side note - if you haven't seen the new mormon messages - you must see these. Very well done!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Ben would tease that he's putting his bread in the fair but not tell you how he did. Rude huh. He won BLUE RIBBON for his french bread - plus some special cooking award. (see the red oven mitt?) And Red ribbons (2nd place) for his White bread and rye bread.

Anyone want to put in an order? :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Judgement Day!!!

Hey, its Ben here. I know you aren't used to hearing from the other half of A Copacetic Life, but here I am. To what do we owe this appearance? you ask... Well, its due to the intersection of a couple of my favorite things, food and the fair.

Last year, some of you may recall, I entered a white bread in the state fair and won a second place ribbon (I still carry it around on my backpack). This year I have decided I can do better than that, but I have a major pharmacy assignment due a week after the state fair starts so I doubt I'll be able to do much then. Substitute the County Fair!!!

This morning I entered 3 breads I baked yesterday into the county fair. They are being judged right now. In one short day I will find out how I compare to other bakers in the county. The suspense is killing me.

This is my rye bread, the top is my french bread and pictured below is my (failed) White loaf bread. Wish me luck.