Sunday, July 20, 2008

This weekends accomplishments

Weekends are usually not very eventful. I have to work on Saturdays and Ben when to the GEEX fest. (Ask him. I don't know) So we must relish in the small accomplishments.
First off I Cleaned the fridge out. Hurray! You know that point when there is nothing in there but stuff that is 'who knows how old' and you're scared to open it? BEHOLD!

Next - I bought Ben a Ukulele. My brother Mike would be jealous. BBBSU had one laying around (we get donated some strange stuff) and I offered 15 bucks for it! Turns out it was a really nice Ukulele with a case, instruction books, tuner, and a cd of Jake Shimabukuro. This is Ben's Ukulele inspiration. Check him out!

Finally - we rented the movie Penelope (instead of contributing to the record braking box office opening of the Dark Knight...which was very high on the list..). I would recommend this movie to any one with a soft spot for silly love stories, movies with messages, or have a thing for James McAvoy. Overall a very good pick.... I would categorize it in "Vincents Picks" -- for your Senfield fans. Seriously...check it out.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tally's 3rd Birthday - Observed

Happy Birthday Tally! One year ago I got my very first dog. I never had a pup as a kid and my Dad would say when you move out you can have one of your own.
So one year ago I was visiting a family that I was trying to match in the BBBSU program. This was a very poor family and lived in very small apartment. When I was visiting them, there was a little gray dog whose hair was over grown, matted and dirty. She was so sweet! The family told me that they had found her 6 months ago and were unable to keep her any longer. Ben and I went to pick her up on July 16th 2007. She didn't put up any fuss to come home with us and it's been so fun to watch her little personality come out.

Yesterday (because ben is at work today) we had a mini birthday party for Tally with brownies and bone. ....yeah I'm dumb but simple pleasures are what make up the joys in life. Right?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My younger brother is currently serving a mission for the LDS church in Harrisburg PA. He has only been out there since May of this year and it's still weird for me to think that he's gone. I'm sure it's weird for him too. We receive emails from him on Mondays and yesterday we learned that he got a new companion and will be moving to a new apartment. He also talks about how frustrating when the investigators don't come to the church meetings when they say they will.
When I was looking back through photos of him and think about my perspective of Mike - how can this kid teach people about immortal and eternal truths?? He's just a little guy! I'm excited to see how he grows, how the spirit works in his life, and see him have more confidence in him self.

Mike is on the left with the banjo that he taught him self and the right is Jake my younger bro who also taught himself his musical talent.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I have 2 dogs. In a one room apartment. I know that sounds crazy - and some times it is. I get asked all the time why - because 27,000 pets are euthanized every year in Utah. That's so not cool. Both are pups are not 'home depot free puppies in a box' dogs.

Here is a challenge on 2 levels. No more homeless pets. No more dogs that look like mine :). Just kidding, he's the sweetest.


That's a really good question. How many 'blog spots' are there? A lot. I would bet there are of people that are 'blogging' to rant on and on or just to say that you have one. So why would I join the crowd and mistakingly think that my life is exciting enough for someone to read about? Well, honestly I don't. But there are some dear friends of my who do personal blog sites, that have excellent things to say! That pull wonderful resources together and share awesome idea with each other ..... I want to enter this world! I do think that there is some unwritten rule about giving back - hence sharing ideas vs taking.

So here I am. Attempting to build up my rep with the amazing 'blogging woman' and I hope that I prove myself worthy of their society.