Thursday, May 23, 2013

Copy Cat

Today you and I spent 2 hours outside working in the yard. I figured out how to be a little more productive doing yard chores... let you help me! I needed to dig up and clean out the flower beds - and if I gave you a spoon you'd dig up right along side me. If I pulled up weeds and threw them in a pile off to the side - you'd pull off a flower or leaf and throw it too. Same with weeds in the dirt - but you'd just get a big hand full of dirt. I also tried to edge the side walk with a butter knife. Ya know - cut the chunk of grass that hangs over the edge of the side walk. I got a lot done because you had a butter knife too! You stabbed the grass and the dirt and the side walk with gusto!  
But my favorite copy cat move you're doing now is getting the eggs from the nesting box, carrying it back to the front door, and into the egg carton (I have brought out). It took some practice... you did trip and smash the egg a couple of times (which made you cry) or just throw it into the house (which made me cry). 
You are the greatest :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dear Dalton;
Last Sunday during church... you met a girl. You  ran all over the room gabbering at each other and caused a great distraction. But man, it was cute. You were doing most of the chasing, cornering up against the door and talking. The joke was you were practicing dropping off the date at the door step.  :)

You are becoming more of a people person every day - wanting to talk with everyone! Going to the store, at the park, at church... so much to say. Most of the time it's series of DA DA DA DA with big emotion. 
You are attracted to kids of any age. You want to watch them up close and look right into their faces (some times getting right up in their face..). Makes me excited for you to go to nursery and make lots of new friends.