Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Smart D and Hobby lobby bribs

D is doing speech therapy. He's only had 3 sessions so far - and I think today the lady saw how smart he really is. She had some cars that if you shake them it made them drive a short distance. The more you shake it the farther it drives. It also has an off switch. To help motivate him to say ON - she would snatch the car from him after it drove and turn it off. He would need to say ON before she would give it back. (Half the time he sea lion barked at her GIVE IT BACK - the other half he would make an effort at it.) He was smart enough to drive the car out of her reach - 'I know she'll snatch it from me'. She also would put the cars in a plastic tub then with the lid on it - 'say OPEN' (of course in a very nice voice :)) In order to avoid having to talk he snuck the tub lid and put it far away from her reach. HA! Now I you can't make me say open!

We also had our first outting today with 2 kids. Hobby lobby isn't the best choice for this but cuteness was needed. The outing ended with ipads, french fries, orange shakes, and everyone screaming in the last 5 minutes in the car. Oy. We'll have to try that again tomorrow.