Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chickens like Yogurt.

Yeah, I'm totally serious.
We learned this week that occasionally some plain yogurt does a chicken good. And they totally loved it. I loved their little yogurt dipped beaks. :)

This particular Red likes attention. I know that if I told you that chickens have personality - you won't believe me. But I'm telling ya - this red has to be the center of every picture and always poses the best...In other news, Ben leaves for his 3rd week at the Super 8 in logan tomorrow morning. T-minus 4 weeks to Graduation!!! Holy moly I can't believe it's already here. So, I'm spending a lot of home time cleaning, packing, sewing, knitting, and cuddling with Reg. He is actually good at just snuggling when you need a good snuggle. I have attached a car air fresher on his collar .... that really helps.

The weekends are filled with games (got the new Donkey Kong Country), shopping for 'I'm about to be a for-real pharmacist' attire, just hanging at home.
This particular weekend Ben got onto a cooking kick. He made homemade Lasagna with home made meat sauce, Indian Pudding, this Bavarian Cream desert...

...and Chicken stock. Homemade, boiled chicken chunks, veggies, etc, and drained for the juices. THEN frozen into cubes for easy use. Yeah - that's chicken stock serving size!

The coolness of Ben also got me these AWESOME flowers - so I can 'remember he loves me through the week'. He's so great! Aren't they beautiful?!

Finally, I have come to the realization that my heart beats to Reggae.
So - here's the Reggae song of the week. Go ahead and let it play as you check your facebook page :)