Friday, February 10, 2012

The Changing Table

Alright. It is finished.
I only have a 1/2 room to work with for Baby Awesome's nursery.
(which really, is all I think I want right now)

The colors of Ben home-made changing table worked out out too! I thought it was going to be the DEFINITION of compromise (me picking the 'blueberry' and Ben picking the 'lime pop'.) On the sample paper they looked okay... and ... Ta Da!

We learned a couple of things about 'building' during the project'.
1. Measure twice/cut once? NO!
Measure 45 TIMES/cross your fingers that you don't cut crooked.

Also - we got a little crazy with the sanding. We bought an electric sander and we both were like 'whoa! I really can make some round edges!' I think one of the boards I nearly turned into a base ball bat... which during the next step of assembly and painting... difficult.
But. Eh. Does the job.

This is the mostly complete baby room. I have a few more pieces to get - then I think I'll do a 'nursery tour video' for the Grannys. :)

This is Baby Awesome's roommate.

Ben has been practicing his bed time stories.
"Once upon time... there was a lonely little hydrogen atom... All he wanted to do is bond with a friend... "
A Chemists' lullaby.