Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dirty Job

Dear Mike Rowe and the Dirty Jobs Crew;
I love your show. I have every episode queued up in my netflicks. Not only is it funny and informative - I appreciate your efforts to praise the concept of hard labor and dedication to get the job done....even when it's dirty.
At the end of every show you ask us for dirty job ideas. This last weekend I came up with one.
A 70 lb bulldog with the stomach flu.... and all that that implies.
~KimIsn't that a sad picture?!
Good news is that it only lasted 3 days and we are now in the free and clear.
Today we went to Kim's favorite park -Sunnyside- near the U of U. I like it because no one is ever there and I can let Reggie be the leader and follow him around. He prefers to stay on the side walk.

... with the occasional side trip.

Tally just runs every which way - all with in 15 feet of me. :)

In other news - Ben and I ventured over to try a new doughnut place in town. BEYOND GLAZE. Ben got this maple bacon one! It was so - so. But my blue berry torte was pretty awesome. I would recommend them :)

Finally, I got such a kick out of tally's sweater project (and was not pleased with reggie's previous sweater) - I whipped up this thing for Reg. He's more a challenge to knit - because of his weird shape.
Horizontal stripes are cute but not slimming.
Reggie, Can you shake?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Just a fun day off

# 12 of "To Do" is to hit up 15 on the "Where locals eat" list.
I was surprised when Bruges didn't make the list. It's a VERY small place - but was people were lined up out the door!
We spotted this place while watching Man Vs Food - Salt Lake City version. (this is the second time we've followed Adam to his recommended food destination - first one at Dinic's in Philly)

Watch the episode here -( jump to 5:50). Yes, this show is all about 'pig out' comfort food spots... which is okay to have in moderation. :) right? There are only like 2 things to have one the menu - but they are really really good 2 things.

THE MACHINE GUN SANDWICHDon't worry we split it. But it was so so good! Yummy comfort food and always fun to try new places.
Go check them out. BRUGES.

This week is a 20 miler week - 3 times a week. Today I did the mileage at the parents. Work off the guilt of a 'machine gun.' :)

Yesterday I finished another craft project! Isn't it so fun to FINISH projects??!! Tally is still kinda bald and it's still kinda cold and she's kinda ruined her only sweater.
So I made her this new one!
The coolest part is that I totally just made it up. No pattern! And it's all one piece done on circular needles. Cute huh.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Check off #15

As previously mentioned - there is a big "To Do List" this 2011. And I'm knocking them out one by one! This week with the help of the Andrus's--- I was able to check off number #15 - "Play games with the Andrus's :)"
Amber and Bill - Ben playing Dominion. Fun Game!
To Do #15 - done and done

Another fun accomplishment has been these lame-o curtins I made this weekend. I don't sew very well and need some more practice. So, I chopped up some old scraps, tied them together, and hung them up above the windows. Not great - but not bad.

Another thing on my "To Do List" (#5 to be exact) Is to be able to ride the Salt Lake Century with my Dad in May. I've been riding the stationary bike at the gym 3 times a week and uping the mileage by 5 every week. Next week is a '20 miler week'. Wish me luck.

Finally look at what Reggie learned!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Dos:

My BFF once gave a good description about resolutions and how they sound so 'final'. No wiggle room.
2011 is going to bring some big crazy fun stressful changes to our lives. I also have a lot of friends who are doing that '30 things to do before 30'. All of these influences combined have resulted in a 'list' sorts for this next yr. Things that I would like to do before we leave Utah, things I haven't done before and things that would provide a well balanced life style.
One of them (listed as #12) is to try 15 of the 100 Utah Best Local Restaurants

So! The other day we went over to Royal India. One of the first (and best) experiences I've had with Indian food!
I got the mango chicken and garlic nann! Fabulous.
Ben LOVES curry - and got the curry lamb. ... and... I'm not sold on that.

Yup. It was good. I would recommend it.
Off to work on "To Do #5".

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back up your hard drive

Happy Holidays every one.
The last few weeks have been up and down - but mostly up. One down thing that happened was the death - or stroke - of my lap top. Sadly containing all my pictures. We do have Ben's lap top -- so we are still able to connect with the outside world.... but the loss of 3 yrs of pictures is painful. I try not to think about it and am thankful for what I have posted to the blog! Memories not lost - but stored in the web forever.
Friends, back up your hard drives.

2011 brings many good things for the Sharples family - including graduation! 4 1/2 months and counting ! Ben has put in his applications for some residencies and now we just have our fingers crossed.

In other news, Reg is still alive. We believe he had a seizure last week which was very sad and we have kept a close eye on him. I have wanted to make him a sweater forever - so I thought I better get on it before he totally kicks the bucket.

Whatcha think?