Sunday, December 2, 2012

Reverence lesson

I have decided to try blogging again. 

I certainly have enough going on.

I was in charge of teaching combined Young Women's today. I approached with a couple of goals in mind:  
1. We need to gear up for the new youth curriculum for 2013
2. Setting a standard for our class room that invites the spirit for the new curriculum.
3. Sneak in there a little lecture about how being REVERENT during class 

It basically went down like this:
Identify what they want out of class/what is a good class
(treats, cute hangouts - not just a piece of paper, object lessons, feel the spirit, discussion, personal stories)

The distractions: talking over someone, not being prepared, a 'boring lesson' (whatever that means), doing a lot of out loud reading

     Using this picture as our guide

How can they be like these 'students' of the savior :
(attentive, wants to be there, respectful, REVERENT)

     How can we/I as a teacher -- teach more like the savior
(be prepared, be among the group, give personal examples, object lessons)


THE STANDARD for our YW class.
A participate
Positive attitude

The plan is to use the picture + their goals/standard in a wall hanging to remind them of what we want our class time to be like. 

        And because everything is better with chocolate wrapped in cellophane...
"RIESENs to be reverent"