Thursday, August 20, 2009

How to:

How to Roll out Pie Crust when you forget the wax paper and the rolling pin.

This last weekend - Ben and I went with his parents up to a cabin of a friend- near Kamas...sorta. But it was a really cool place! On the outside had all the necessary 'cabin features': surrounded by woods, humming bird nest + babies!, river running through the back yard, a fire pit, and just chilly enough for a hoodie. The inside had all the comforts you don't find in the woods: hot tub, full kitchen, very comfortable beds, massage chair, and satellite tv. Excellent combination. :)

Ben brought up the stuffs to make a peach pie.
Except for the wax paper and the rolling pin!

Not to worry. His brilliance kicked in.

The 'cold' coke bottle had a surprisingly positive effect on keeping the dough cold (which is important in rolling it out... don't want the butter to melt.)
It turned out to be the best pie crust he ever made!
Ben's pies always taste and LOOK good :)
We need to let Elton Brown about this new cooking trick!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So my youngest brother got his mission call today! He's going to Guatemala!
It's going to be a very exciting mission for him and I really feel that he's going to love love love it. I am also glad that he opening his call feeling a strong spiritual conformation.

Tonight as I look at pictures of the people and the landscape - I'm kinda jealous!
Beautiful place with deep history. He doesn't leave until the first of December - so I'm sure there will be many more 'Guatemalan posts'.
"That kids sucks" (kim and jake joke.)

Guatemala is the home of the Mayan heritage! Won't it be cool to check out these ruins on a P-day?
Small town life will probably be the most memorable.
As Ben says - love the food. Where ever you go - love the food. This looks like pots of Salsa.
I'm excited for you Jake!

Quick Mike update - He has been transferred to 'Indiana, Pennsylvania' . Spitting distance from his last area. We haven't heard from his since his transfer - and were all WAY bummed out that we couldn't get him on the phone for Jake's mission call opening.
... Mike had this dream of buying a hippy van and driving out to pick up Jake from his mission. Not sure you can drive to Central America....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dear Carrie - future knitter.

You're christmas request is so easy! It's just a big square!
You can learn to knit!

I love to knit because it's travel size (depending on what you are working on, of course) but you can take it any type of waiting room, meeting, changing the oil, waiting for hair cut, or just a quiet activity but you remain productive. I also love that it is almost a mindless craft. That you can watch tv or a movie and knit away.

If you are new to knits - I would suggest getting a set of needles you LOVE in size 6. I use 6's the very most and wanna love those needles. I would suggest wood or bamboo vs metal. Your yarn can slide right off a metal needle.
A good thing to learn first - is the square wash cloth.

You'll want cotton for that project.

Next! Yeah for Youtube - why re-invent the wheel when it's already on youtube.

You'll want to cast on:
This video is good - can't see what's she's doing very well -but the instructions are written out. It's the easiest way I've see it done.
This video is how I do it - but it's tough to see on video.

You'll want to cast on 25.

As the 2nd video says..... don't pull yarn too tight on the needle. Keep it loosy goosy.
Tight yarn will stress you out.

Then you knit!

This video does another good job of showing cast on .... but then shows you how to continue. ...

Hold your work in the left hand and 'knit' it on the right hand. When you're finished with the row (like it shows in the video) switch the needles to the work (already knitted part) is in the left hand and your knit again to the right.
Over and
over and
over and
over and
over and...... sigh.... And you'll see a little square forming. :)
REMEMBER to keep the stitches loosy goosy.... not flopping around.... but not ultra tight on your needle.

Ta Da! The Garter stitch.
You're first blogger knitting lesson.

--- from these standards I'm ULTRA patriotic. :)