Saturday, March 19, 2011


Well. I was asked the other day why I don't blog any more. First off - WOW. Someone noticed?! :) Second - My lap top died and I think it would be near impossible to blog from an ipod.
However, I do feel that an update is in order.
I feel as though we are standing on the edge of an abyss. A deep yawning chasm that has been waiting down the line for several years. We have anticipated it's arrival and now that we are WEEKS from graduation the tension is making me a little crazy.
Mr. Sharples graduates from the University of Utah with his PharmD the first friday in May. At which point we may either go to a residency or look for a job.
A few weeks ago we went to interview at Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee Washington. It was several hours long and Ben says he walked away feeling pretty good about it.

(NOT A POSED picture of Ben getting ready for his interview. Really, he always looks that professional. )

Wenatchee is cool. Though, it's difficult to judge a city's value in the dead of winter. One of my favorite parts is that the city is nestled between 2 middle mountains with the big Columbia river running through it.

We should hear if we are going to Wenatchee Wednesday March 23rd. Cross your fingers and toes.

2 dogs are good.
I know I told you that we taught Reg to shake and I was totally convinced that he was the brains while Tally had the looks. Much to my surprise little Tally has surpassed big Reg in her abilities to learn new tricks. Reg seems to be stuck on 'the shake'. But it's turned in a pathetic looking act of attention. Any time you might have a treat or goodie for him - he raises his little paw high in the air ... like LOOK!!! I'M DOING !! PLEASE NOTICE ME!!!
Watch Reg. ...

I did worry a little --- but the chickens made it through the winter with flying colors. We had to occasionally wrap the coop in a tarp or leave the heat lamp on over night... but for the most part they were just fine. Laying one egg every 25 hours per chicken.

Now that the grass is up they are crazy about getting out for some vegetation.

Good chicken.

And me? oh me. Other then going just a little crazy with anitcipation for what lies ahead.... just peachy. Mostly. I'm trying to pack up and make sense of our things. When through some massive changes at work - from good desk area I've been in with co worker/roommates I've been with for 4 yrs... now in a different room. That's hard!

But! A really cool thing happened today. Middle of the summer last year, I listened to an NPR story spot on Women for Women International.
Kinda hard to explain - so....

... okay. I'm going wait for a minute while you go get a tissue. :)
That same night I signed up to be a sponsor. It's like $30 a month. No biggie. The first couple of months I received some cool stuff about where my sponsor sister is from. Her name is Vestine, she is 24 and is from Rwanda. They sent materials about what is going on in Rwanda, the kinds of classes Vestine would be taking. They also said that in a few months I would receive word on how my sister was doing and her progress. That was in August. Several times a month I got emails about fundraisers and donation requests - but nothing about Vestine. Now.... I work in the non profit field. I know the need for a strong development department - and with out that program does not exists. However, I started to loose hope about hearing about my 'sister' in Rwanda and loosing that -even little bit of personal connection and 'sisterhood' - would be sad because it was what attracted me to the organization in the first place.
Today in the mail I get this.

On the left is Vestine in Rwandan (or whatever language that is --- they did tell me she can write). On the right translates - "Dear Sharples Kim. My dear sponsor, I write greeting you. I just want to hear how you are doing. I thank you for accepting to be my sponsor. Thank you."

Wow. Renewed.
Check out how to be a sponsor for Women For Women International HERE.