Saturday, March 31, 2012

(D at 3 weeks)
Made it back from Spokane. Not the greatest trip.
Ben had a 103 temperature
The hotel did NOT have the food channel
D had his first blow out -that comes out the diaper soak the clothes - in the CAR. oh yeah.
Though - we learned a lot from this trip to apply to the one next week.

Today I'm trying to put the house back together and pack things for "the trip"
Since my time is cut pretty much in half (for good baby reasons) I have to get a WAY early start.

My favorite part of today was after D went down for a late nap...
I pulled out a saved, frozen piece of Costco's chocolate cake and ate it with my hands
I felt like Bruce from Matilda
It was awesome.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Okay, it's for real now..

Went out to the mail box the other day and *WHAM*
Another trippy moment.

The whole thing is for real when your kid gets mail from the government.
One for each of us ... unfortunately Ben and mine are bills. Danget.
Tomorrow is another practice run for the trip home to Utah next week. Last week Ben was craving panda express and we made a mad dash to Kennewick. I would call it a success.
Tomorrow Ben is giving a lecture to the pharmacy school newbies at Washington State University in Spokane. We are spending the night there too....
So we'll see how that goes down.

Ben's been pretty stressed about it.
Here you can see him 'trying' to study... Dalton is not helping..
Mama's of the interwebs... D is starting to throw these.. tantrums when he gets tired. Like he's tired, and it's time to sleep but he's forgotten how and it makes him hot mad. If I don't intercept and get him to sleep... it can be a couple hrs of screaming (still cute screaming). Is this when I need to try the weird stuff like riding the drying or running the vacuum or whatever. Or coming up with a wind down routine?
Thank you. :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Dear Mamma
Thanks for letting us just sleep this afternoon.
I wasn't feeling normal and it was nice to kick back, nap, and watch x-files with you.
Lets do it again some time.
~Lil D
ps - i'm so glad we skipped to the middle of season 2... the first season was very disjointed and they finally put together come character development..

Dear Baby D:
I really enjoyed our day off today. Though I'm the one who should be thanking you! It was nice to take the extra nap for me too!

Ditto to season 2.
~ Mama

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Alright. Today I learned that we ALL need to stick to some kind of routine. For myself, Dalton, and Ben. I can see that it's messed up all our groove today.

We'll try again tomorrow.

In the mean time.... we look videos of more calm days ... which remind me that the dust will settle.

*Thank you to Christy for the encouragement on the 12 hr trip*
I'll get around to posting the photos from that.

Everyone cross your fingers for Ben who is pulling double shifts for a couple months.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy (almost) St. Patty's Day

When you have a new baby - you play dress up.
Everyone does that... right?

I have this cute onesie I should have pulled out yesterday ... but it was in the wash.
So today we are pretending it's St. Patty's Day

Yesterday Ben went to work with green shirt and tie and we made Girl Scout cookie-thin mint milk shakes
oh baby.

This is not a smilie face. It's a okay-lady-i'm-done-playing-dress-up/about-to-blow-up face.
But I had to show off the curly.

Over Easter weekend we are going back to Utah for the baby blessing. That's a good 12 hr drive... with OUT a 1 month yr old. I'm pretty nervous about it. Though I'm told that traveling with that young of a babe is the easiest. Any guesses on how long it will take us? 27 hrs? That's about my guess.

In other non-baby news. The ants are back.
Time to pull out the battle strategies from last summer. I really feel like I'm at war with them. I lay in bed at night wondering how they are revising their attack on my home. Today they were flowing out from under the toilet to get at another bug on the floor.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

through the cell phone lense

Was tidying up my phone and making room for more pictures....
and took a quick trip through time.

February 25th

March 3th

March 10th

March 17th

Things sure do change fast.
For example: I just texted ben to please pick up diapers and milk on his way home from work.
I can't believe that really happened....

Friday, March 16, 2012

First normal day.

When Granny J was here, we tried to establish a routine.
I know enough about child development and ages/stages that predictable routines provide security and stability for all ages of kids.
But now I think it's for keep my stability and sanity.

Morning has been very good so far.
Boppy time (just snoozing on the couch)
breakfast for me
bath - as slowly as possible (he likes it)

Rock to sleep
(for like 3 hrs!)
....usually about now I'm like....
Okay now what.

Went to the doctor this afternoon. He's 11 lbs and counting.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dalton Brice Sharples

D. 10 days old.

March 3rd 2012 - 1:44pm
.... I birthed a human...
That sounds gross

No really - March 3rd 2012 - 1:44pm I got to meet my 10lb 12 oz baby Dalton -- with no drugs to fog the experiences. Actually I managed to fog the experience on my own. I would like to post a 'birth story' -- but I would need Ben's help - seeing I don't remember half of it.
"Ben.... where did i get this bruise?"
"... it was the first IV they put in...."

So. More on that later.

For now - I commit to post often (with a strong effort of daily) on our new human.
Right now he's sleeping. He struggled to totally give in to sleepiness and just stirred and stirred for a couple of hours. Come on dude... relax!

Best Wishes to Mom driving home. You were missed the second you left.
Now we have to stop talking about it or I'll start crying again. :)

Oh a lighter note..
Da boyz are sleeping.