Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stuck in our heads...

Kinda of a silly thing - but it's been stuck in our heads for like a week

I know it says 'college humor' but it's clean. "Historically inspired funk" :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Most Recent Creations

I know that I have been behind on the Sharples creations. Rest assured that it's still happening - I'm just not documenting it as well as I should.
Here is the most recent...
First is Ben's homemade twix bars. He would be mad that I was putting this up on the blog - because it didn't turn out EXACTLY right... but we are talking short bread, gooey caramel, and warm chocolate - you can't loose!
Home made Twix can be found through the new favorite food site - Foodgawker.
Next are Spicy roasted chickpeas. Looks weird in my hand but check out the 'noble pig' for the prettier picture. However only your taste buds (and the low calorie count!) could tell you the beauty of this creation! Once again - found through Foodgawker.
This is Ben's Virgina's Diner Peanut Pie. THIS IS AWESOME. Imagine Pecan pie but with a peanut crunch. Drink with milk - or Diet Coke if have Sharples blood running through your veins. (thankfully - I'm related only through marriage :) )
This beaut - can be found in the PIE book. really that's what it's called.
And finally my small and simplistic addition. Small cakes in a cup :)
My most recent knitting creation - not yet finished - can not be revealed until I'm finished! Shhh... it's secret :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Disney Channel Rocks

Girl Jordan LOVES Hannah Montana.
And I will encourage her to have Disney Channel role models til the end of my days. It's kind of a rarity in that she's 15 yrs old! I talk to girls who are getting pregnant at 13!

YEAH for Disney Channel.
I went to the Hannah Montana Movie with her last night - and she LOVED it. She cried like 4 times :). I didn't think that it was that bad because I have the magical super power to appreciate a good story and this movie falls in that category. Totally appropriate for kids and teens. Yeeahh...there is a little love interest and they kiss at the end but you don't even see it! They all lean in their faces disappear...they could have faked it for all we know :)

So I plead with the public and all 4 of my readers. Please defend Hannah. Yeah it's cheesy and yeah it's girlie. But the girl goes to school, the story lines always pitch the importance of hanging in there with family and friends, and following dreams.... how could you loose?

**I would ad in the claus that 'letting girls have Disney Channel role models/interests' doesn't mean you have to buy them all the themed merchandise. Thought that I would add that in for Muffin ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kim and Ben like to play games. Board Games. We recently expanded out collection with a really awesome board game call PANDEMIC. Very addicting.
The whole premise of the game is for you to beat the game! All players work as a team to beat the disease that is taking over the world! It's hard! It's fun to actually plan and work together.

Players are given specific roles/skills and you find ways use your skills with the other players to cure the diseases RAPIDLY spreading all over the world. The disease spreads every turn and increases in intensity each round.
Ben and I played this game 7 times in a row before we won! It's not easy and changes every time you play it.
The ultimate question still remains....
Would Dick like this game????

Friday, April 10, 2009


Yeah.... maybe it's lame. But I have some funny videos. Check out my 'channel'. Ulitmately I wanted to put of videos of Mike - and maybe he would be able to see them? But I don't think missionaries are allowed to look at youtube.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nothing much.

Sooo.... nothing much to report. This whole blog experience is just to practice so when I don't live with in (a short) driving distance of parents I can thoroughly cover grand babies growth.... like so many of my friends so well.
I'm stuck in the rut of not blogging until 'somethings' happening to blog about. When, in actuality, stuff really does happen. :) For example:
-I got a new desk at work that triples my work space, puts me in a (semi) quiet corner with windows and either side! I couldn't be happier!
- I finished my first 'homeless yarny blanket' from the really old donated yarn. The colors are hideous but it still works.
- Ben is so busy with school. It seems like there are tests bi-weekly.

-Reggie has this weird growth in between his toes and keeps licking it. Dr Ben put some special meds, plastic wrap, and a sock on it. Has been doing better....
- Met with Girl Jordan last week. Tried on prom dresses, went out for dinner, glued on fake nails, entered the Hannah Montana sweepstakes, and made about 1000 calls into radio disney. I'm hoping her Mom will let us go see that new Hannah Montana Movie this saturday-- yes, I'm totally pushing for this 15 year old to STICK WITH Disney role models.
-My little bro, Mike, is serving in the Harrisburg PA mission. The email we got yesterday says that his mission is merging with the Pittsburgh mission! That's big news. His mission now covers a huge area and he's still got a year to go! (...and he's doing very well :))

-Tally.... is..... strange. She has the habit of hiding things - to save them for later... I guess. I know that she hides little treats and goodies all the time - but Reggie snifs them out before i find them. But it looks like Reggie missed this noodle Ben found in his shoe last week. Which is a good thing - Reg would have nawed the shoe to shreads to get at it.
Same ol' same ol'.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Flirty Skirty Chickens

Happy Birthday Ben's Mommy!
Yesterday made a mean birthday dinner of little chickens :), bacon-corn bread, lemon asparagus, and roasted sweat potatoes! He's amazing. Not only does it taste amazing - but he always makes it look so pretty.

Presentation is everything. Phyllis really loved them.
This is my present - the flirty skirty! Muffin helped me picked of the fabric (mostly just held my hand so i didn't panic over too many choices). It's one of my first sewing projects. Very easy - I mostly was freaked out by my Mom's $3000 sewing machine. Ack.
Yeah! Ben got some other kitchen gadget for a matching gift set. I found this project quite satisfying because of how quickly it came together. Kim loves to knit - but it's slow going. I think next time the fabric shouldn't be so busy. A little more solid.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009