Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Okay. I'm posting it.

Yeah. I can't believe it either. I ask my 4 readers not to post anything on face book. It's been an annoyance to me. Impersonal posting about a life changing event right after "so and so" posts about taking the laundry down the stairs and someone else saying "I'm lonely today" just to get 700 'you're awesome' impersonal comments.

Okay I'm done. :) But I figure if you watch my blog, we have some sort of relationship and you already know - or... I don't have your personal email. :)

(Just so you know, Ben is fine. Great in fact. Remember the days when he told me he doesn't see babies - just women hugging the air? Those days are far behind us and he's totally awesome.)

So. It's been hard to far. Sick. Sick. Sick. It's really great that I don't have to try and get up and function and get my butt to work... because I'm pretty much KOed until about 2pm. Good news.. I only barfed once today! Hooray!!!

Haven't been doing much but I can only show you Kim's view of Wenatchee so far. (mostly just around the house).

Our first garden produce

Big Dog on Ben

Rhubarb - Wenatchee style.

A portion of the front room.

Pretty view up the Cascades.

My little blue house.

Kitchen. There is a small dining area behind me.

More pictures to come and I'm sure more pregnancy stories. ALL ADVICE WELCOME. I do read your blogs and take your advice (christy - first thing I did was buy a nice pair of running shoes because you said it helped with support, energy and foot swelling.)

Ta Da.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The 4th

I know that it's behind - but we had a pretty relaxing 4th. Actually didn't do very much. I wanted to have decorations in my new back patio. I realized that I needed those little flag-banner things. My Muffin makes them out of fabric - (muff, i tried to find one ... maybe you can post a link to your blog about your banner things? PLEASE GO SEE THEM). Anyways, I wanted some easy decoration - so I made a flag banner our of scraps of paper around my patio. Kinda fun.:)
One must grill on the 4th. Corn and dogs.

Also fireworks and the dogs being freaked out about it. Fireworks actually don't bother Reggie - but he got stuck in this spot for a couple of hours...just because.

Fireworks over the columbia river. Tally did well until it was time for ben. Then she wigged out. With nothing else to distract her - was left to jump and shiver at the booms out the window.

It was fun to spend time with Ben and 4th of July traditions. But - pretty uneventful.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

For Dad and Mom

10 YEARS AGO, my freshman year at USU I lived at the dorms and did not have a cell phone (and did not for many years). So, I had to purchase a phone card to call home .... OR use the 1-800 number to the church office building !! WHAHAHA! So Dad got the brunt of my ' dad....what's up'? Or I just need to talk to some one cuz I'm bored and too poor to buy a phone card.
10 yrs later I'm calling from my cell phone from WA - still to Dad at work :)

Dad asked how my dogs are (which is very nice of him because he isn't very fond of them - but knows they are my babies)... Reg had been outside for the last hour - not in the sun - just outside at 9am in the morning. And he was totally pouting about it. Over reacting.
''s sssssooooo hoootttt'

He came in and crashed right there on the kitchen floor.

Look Ma -
We now have to be Seattle Mariners fans...

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Yesterday Ben and I took a day trip to Seattle. A 2 hour drive over the Cascade Mountain Range. 2 hours is just on the edge of 'too far for a day trip' but still do able. Since we know we could do more then one trip we didn't try and over do it and just visited a few things.
Pikes Place Public market. Actually a really cool place and go the best peaches I have had in long time - called "OMG" peaches :) I would recommend going to Pikes Place just one - because it's too crowded to be used as a 'market' and is more of a tourist attraction. But still neat.
A couple of blocks away is the Seattle Aquarium. Ben really likes aquarium and this one has a really cool touch pool that allows you to snuggle up with star fish and other shore creatures. There was more then one time I caught ben on his knees looking into a tank and explaining to a group of kids what they were looking at. Cute huh.
Mom! Saw 2 cruise ships and got more excited about our family cruise in 5 months!! I really like the water. Probably because I grew up in the desert.
Have you seen Northern exposure? You know....

Did you know that it was filmed in Roslyn Washington - like 45 minutes from our house? We've been watching it a lot lately - so it was cool to see some of those classic sites.
On the way home also is Snoqualmie Falls. :) Very cool and right off the freeway.

Last but not least - traditionally we visit a man vs food restaurant site. This time was Red Mill Burgers. REALLY REALLY AWESOME. Expensive. But awesome.
See video below :)

Friday, July 1, 2011


What is your vote.
Or B...
Employers like B. So that's what we're going with. I like to watch when he trims down his beard. Sounds like he's shaving through hedges with an over worked weed whacker.

My back yard

Okay sorta. Like 15 minutes away.