Saturday, May 28, 2011

A day in Portland...

Another play day - this one in Portland. I like Portland - people are super friendly, hippy, colored, edgey and earthy. Today was a big day and we did a lot of stuff!
Are you familiar with man vs food? He highlights a doughnut shop called VooDoo Doughnuts. Really a unique place with very different kinds of doughnuts.

We got a dozen which included bubblegum, pudding filled, fruit loop, coco cake and nuts, sprinkles, cinnamon sugar with caramel glaze, coco puff cereal, and white cake with mini m&ms! GOODNESS. The bubble gum was actually one of the best. And the environment of the store was so fun and awesome to see were Man vs food was (again!) OH yeah.

Next we went to Saturday farmers market at the University of Portland. I love farmers markets and this one was so great! I love the smells, the freshness, and the visual beauty.

Isn't it beautiful!! We bought a little box of strawberries, a small cup of goat cheese with pesto (wow!) and mint lemonade. (I don't really like lemonade - but there is something about fresh cold lemonade out of a straw at the market..... love love love it.

There was lots too see at Washington Park. Though we didn't know what... first we pulled into a big historic mansion.
We spent a good amount of time at the Washington Park Arboretum. Ben was excited about the trees and could tell me about all the different kinds. And it was really nice to get out and hike through the trees after VooDoo.

Next was the Yarn Garden! In our Portland guide I found an article about a shop that was described as 'the mother ship' of yarn shops. WHOA. We are going there. And. It. Was. 4 rooms of yarns, patterns and gear. I got some yummy sock yarn.

Finally - we went to a little dive called Pine State. Highlighted by Guy on Drive Inns, Diners, and Dives. I got the McIsely. Fried chicken, pickles, whole grain mustard, and HONEY on a yummy biscut. The honey was the craziest part. It was dripping in honey - a honey swimming pool - and i was concerned how much there was. It WAS SO AMAZING! Really - one of the best dinners i have had.
We also did a load of laundry, watched Iron Chef America, and got locked out of our apartment 4 times (because our card key stopped working - blah) and will be to bed early.

Friday, May 27, 2011

What we did today...

Long time no blog.
Big things going on here. I've had trouble to find spare time to blog. But! Right this minute I'm sitting with Ben in Portland Oregon at The Viking Motel. A comfortable little place for $50.
I'd like to show off just what we did today... though the pictures won't be in order.

Last night, we stayed at Mary Hill camp ground. Different from Utah camp sites with manicured lawns and showers and such. But we found a nice corner spot I nick-named the brier patch. Wasn't too crowed either.

Camping breakfast is the best. This morning was sausage and pancakes. (look mom! using your plates!)

The entire day was spent along the Columbia river gorge. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. Green and cool weather - and rained . A lot - off and on.
Me and Ben looking down on the gorge.

I am proud of my packing. Every morning I repack the lunch box.... in order to save money and I'd say it's working!
Beautiful green. We wanted to walk down a trail head but got a little lost - and ended up by the train tracks. I was thinking as we walked along.... what kind of crazy state makes a trail head along railroad tracks??... we just made a wrong turn.

Beautiful falls. There were several falls to visit along the way. Awesome!

I like the mossy walls
Holy crap. Look at this slug. HUGE. I think it's a banana slug. Longer then my pointer finger.
View of the gorge.

Having a good time! Another week to go!
Oh! And did I tell you? That we found a place to stay in Wenatchee. A cute little blue house, enclosed fence, washer and dryer, 2 bed rooms, a peach and plum tree, garage, on a dead end corner,... I. Love. it.