Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Time so far

I really need to get better about blogging more often - rather then saving up 10-hundred pictures to show off.
Okay - so here we go.

Happy Fall in Wenatchee!
Harvest time in the "Apple Capital of the world" has been awesome. It's going to be really hard to get produce at the store when we're used to apples for 50cent a pound - like Honey Crips! Yah.

Seasonal Decorating has been fun. We have an old house and a pretty creepy large yard on the corner of a busy street. So I don't send the dogs outside unless they are dressed up. :)

I saw this in the Oct. Martha Stewart Living. It's chunks of card board cut like board planks. They look pretty good. I think the big window needs another one.

Pumpkins. Carved with the beehives with my favorite one in the back. The one that plugs in...

This is more like September - but did some pretty serious peach bottling from an amazing u-pick orchard. I already told you about that...

Alright, I can't seem to change the order of my pictures.. So I'll be saving my favorite part for the ...middle.
I've had this idea to be a 'creepy guy' in our yard. We have a lot of over grown bushes, tall and droopy trees, weeds... you get the ideas - we don't really keep it up. But PERFECT for a mysterious back yard.

So I Frankenstein-ed this guy together.
This is the view from the side walk.

He's about 9 feet tall with a back bone made from a pole a scavenged from my weird back yard, 2 black sheets, old shirt, card board and duck tape.

I stuffed the shirt like a scarecrow and constructed cardboard-like football guard pads. He's also got like a card board hood - and all wrapped in a plastic baggy/poncho style. I do live next to the Cascades after all...

This is the view from my kitchen window. My favorite view. BECAUSE I can watch the jr high kids come slowly down the side walk, laughing and clinging to each other... then SPRINT up the road.
Yah, I've seen it several times.

On to lighter news. Apples. Beautiful.

And finally. Ben's traditional butternut squash soup with sausages and blue cheese. Oh man. I know it looks scary enough - but it's awesome.