Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Master Chef

I'm learning that when you are pregnant - food is no longer a treat but a chore. I'm past the tossing-my-cookies stage (I believe). I can eat more or less - with out any negative side effects. However, not very much and I've lost a lot of my appetite. Which makes eating a chore - because I know I need to be consuming x-amount of diary/veg/grain/fruits/water/etc. ACK!? No human can eat that much! (who is not an Olympic athlete.) The chore being what can I eat now that won't stunt the growth of my blueberry?

One thing we have invented is this: Smoothy: oj, cranberry/pomegranate juice, frozen pineapple/mango/blueberry/raspberries, yogurt, cucumbers, kale leaves, and fax seed. WOO! Check. :)

Have you hear of Master Chef?

(Skip to 4:22 for challenge)
Yet another cooking show. Part of the game show, is the 'mystery box challenge'. They are surprised with a set of ingredigents and one hour to make it into something. Other then I want to punch Gordon Ramsey in the face - it's fun show. I decided Ben should do a mystery box challenge!
I skipped ahead to the next episode, gathered the ingredients and said "Ben - you have one hour to create something STUNNING" (what stupid Gordon Ramsey says). (the video above is the 1st episode.)

His ingredients were potatoes, rice, ground beef and pork, carrots and celery, peas, and peppers. (plus some other cooking stuff).
Master Chef!

Ben made amazing meat balls/plus bell peppers stuff with the same yummy meat, Parmesan cheese crisps, peas puree', and excellent potatoes.
On another subject - Been playing board games the last couple days because B and I have colds. This is my agricola high score :) Agricola is ben's new obsession :)

AND! I wonder whose christmas present this is!? :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Ben and I have been calling Costco - "America". Because it seems to represent the "American dream" of bigger is better. We rarely went to Costco in SLC - but before leaving Ben acquired us a Costco card and now we feel like adults. When ever we go-- we spend most of our time laughing and making fun at the size of the mustard bottles and the quantity of things. This gave us a good laugh.... prego sized bucket of pickles.

But every once and a while at Costco - you strike gold. It has been no secret that I want a wagon and we have been on the prowl for one for several months. And then... saturday.... we found it!

GLORIOUS. Yes, the main reason I wanted one was so I could pull Reg around in it. He's just not up for walking any more. BUT! The best part is it collapses in the middle to be no bigger then a stroller making it SSOOO portable. It has cup holders, extra pockets on the out and side, handles 100lbs, and is a smooth ride. Reg was right at home. Like taking a senior citizen a walk in the park in his wheel chair.
He wasn't jittery or wiggle around...he prolly thought this is his how nature intended it.
We did of course get him out to enjoy the scenery. This is the Columbia River, very high in August. Less then a mile from our house.

8 Weeks along now, and I've decided this is me and baby's new theme song.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Free Time

Happy Friday. I've been able to get the morning sick- mostly under control. Haven't barfed in like a week! Praise the pepto! Taking morning slow, eating ahead of schedule and cold things seems to do the trick. But still feel that car sick - ...like right now.
So. Have more free time - all of us.

Reg's new favorite past time is to sunbath in the dirt patch in the front of the house. Only for an hour in the morning or so.

Oh, this dog...

Ben has got back into his experimental cooking again. These are pickled carrots.
... Myer lemons soaking in salt
Homemade noodles
... and meatballs! I do hope he makes these again.
This is interesting. He's working on duck jerky. Right now it is hanging in a cheese cloth from the ceiling.
And mine... christmas :) Christmas pressie's always start in July. Also - math. In trying to finish some education - math. I haven't taken math since my junior year in high school. Which means 11 yrs later - I'm at like a 5th grade level. :( Math, pressies, not barfing, and cleaning up after Ben's experiments.