Friday, May 18, 2012

The baby is sleeping

I'm not sure how you guys do it. 

How does any one have kids and do anything else?! :) I don't mean that negatively. I certainly could do a lot more. House chores, blogging, work out, church stuff, (sadly) bills....

It's just I was told over and over...
"aaahhh! How old is your baby? ... aaaahhh Enjoy these times - they go so fast!"


So I have. :)

I spend more time on the couch snuggling while he sleeps watching My Fair Wedding ... or whatever...
.. When in the back of my brain I can hear

"You need to put him down! 

Do you smell that? 

Have you seen the mail pile? 

Remember you have a presidency meeting tonight?

You need to check on the chicks - they are big enough to escape now..

Ben really deserves to have at least a dinner PLAN tonight..

Srew it. 

My baby is sleeping :)