Tuesday, October 1, 2013

..Is picking blackberries at Gpa's

Spent the weekend in Salt Lake City with family. Gpa has a LARGE patch of blackberries that Big D was wild over.  

This pained look on his face is because he is worried about the thorns. At our old house we had a wild blackberry bush that Big D would graze on. However the thorns were horrid and often he'd come back to me crying covered in purple juice and scratches. One time his lips were bleeding! What'd you do?!

Gpa's bush on the other hand has no thorns and the berries and 900 times larger. :) Big D still wouldn't touch the branch - he would point and squeal at a berry until you picked it for him. 

I hope Gpa keeps up these bushes. I hope to find Big D sneaking berries with no fear of thorns in the coming years. 

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