Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dear Dalton
You are precious. You try so hard to please me and do a good at all your jobs. Right now one of your jobs is to pee in the potty. I didn't realize how hard this is to learn but you are trying so hard! Most days you do this great success. Today I put you up in your room for a nap... which only happens 2/3 the time. I went out side to work in the yard and came in every once and a while to check on ya. An hour into 'quiet time' I  can hear you crying and yelling GO PEE IN THE POTTY! I thought, ... why are you saying this? You're wearing a normal diaper for nap....

I opened the door and you were standing up in your bed. You had pooped in your diaper, pulled down your pants - ATTEMPTED you take your diaper off, realized you had to pee too with no diaper but surrounded by poop and crying out for help.

I of course was SHOCKED but kept my composure and hopped you off the bed and you ran to the potty.

Aren't you sweet. Wanting to take care of your diapers for me.

Thanks for being awesome.

Now. Go take a nap.
Love you

Cute Rosie at 7 months

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