Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Strawberry Rain Gutters and Raves

Check it out. This is some thing I"m actually really excited about. Strawberries! Ben picked up this idea one day when we were in Logan. Ben used to work at a 'research farm' and we got a cool idea for what looked like strawberry waterfalls. :) Rain gutters build in a stair-like-fashion and let the foliage grow on down. It will look beautiful when the leaves fill out a little more.
We'll keep you up dated.

On to more person thoughts. Thoughts that I feel I have to keep coded - because of how public the internet is. With my job I have the "opportunity" to speak with many people. I learn of what good is happening with their family but more often, what is bad.
Can I just tell ya?
My heart is in pain. Just hurts all the time with the knowledge of how families are breaking down, how children are being hurt, how stresses are just ripping people apart from their very core. And it's just cruel - CRUEL to make me listen and have very little to offer in return. I really can't think about it or it over whelms me. It makes me want to go in my house, lock the door, and knit for the rest of my life.
So it's Wednesday night. I'm sitting on my coach in a total daze. Looking around my home asking why am I free of such suffering. It's not fair. Just feeling the ripples of other families HURTS. And my eyes were draw to the picture of the Savior we have in our home. A new thought comes to mind. How my heart aches for the families I talk to on a weekly basis - how many people are the in the country that are hurting... in the world... in the HISTORY of the world..... holy moses.
That's a lot of pain. Pain that if our Savior was to ever understand - would need to feel it too. Ouch. And that's just scratching the surface I'm sure.
I'm not really sure where I'm getting with this thought. Outside of the fact that I'm going to need counseling when this is all over.... I feel I need to gain a better and deeper appreciation for the Atonement. Taking the sins and pain and suffering and loneliness of the HUMAN RACE is not a little thing.
I would 'challenge' any reader to contemplate the thought - but only with an Ensign talk about the millennium near by.

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A. said...

Deep thoughts, Muffin.

It's so easy to gloss over the Atonement - to think, oh yeah, He died for us. NOT THAT SIMPLE. But so easy to forget. Thanks for the reminder.